# Overview of OP-TEE Rust Examples

All OP-TEE Rust examples are suffixed with -rs, which work as standalone host application and corresponding TA (Trusted Application) and can be found in separate directories.

To install all examples in SDK_ROOT_DIR/out/, run make examples-install after make examples.

To compile one of the examples, run make -C examples/EXAMPLE_DIR.

Host application name TA UUID Description
acipher-rs 057f4b66-bdab-11eb-96cf-33d6e41cc849 Generate an RSA key pair, encrypt a supplied string and decrypt it.
aes-rs 0864c8ec-bdab-11eb-8926-c7fa47a8c92d Run an AES encryption and decryption.
authentication-rs 0a5a06b2-bdab-11eb-add0-77f29de31296 Run AES-CCM authenticated encryption / decryption.
big_int-rs 0bef16a2-bdab-11eb-94be-6f9815f37c21 Do mathematical operations of big integers, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.
diffie_hellman-rs 0e6bf4fe-bdab-11eb-9bc5-3f4ecb50aee7 Run Diffie-Hellman key exchange to derive shared secrets.
digest-rs 10de87e2-bdab-11eb-b73c-63fec73e597c Calculate the hash of the message using SHA256 digest algorithm.
hello_world-rs 133af0ca-bdab-11eb-9130-43bf7873bf67 Increment and decrement an integer value.
hotp-rs 1585d412-bdab-11eb-ba91-3b085fd2601f Generate HMAC based One Time Password which is described in RFC4226.
message_passing_interface-rs 17556a46-bdab-11eb-b325-d38c9a9af725 Passing serde json message between host application and TA, which is more convenient to send structured data.
random-rs 197c710c-bdab-11eb-8f3f-17a5f698d23b Generate a random UUID.
secure_storage-rs 1cd6d392-bdab-11eb-9082-abc902ac5cd4 Read / write / delete raw data from / into the OP-TEE secure storage.
serde-rs 1ed47816-bdab-11eb-9ebd-3ffe0648da93 Invoke third party crate serde for serialization and deserialization.
supp_plugin-rs 255fc838-de89-42d3-9a8e-d044c50fa57c TA actively invokes a command defined in normal world plugins. Do interaction between host <-> TA <-> plugin. The plugin is identified by UUID: ef620757-fa2b-4f19-a1c4-6e51cfe4c0f9.
tcp_client-rs 59db8536-e5e6-11eb-8e9b-a316ce7a6568 Do HTTP connection from Trusted Application.
time-rs 21b1a1da-bdab-11eb-b614-275a7098826f Set / get TEE time.
udp_socket-rs 87c2d78e-eb7b-11eb-8d25-df4d5338f285 Do UDP socket connection from Trusted Application.
signature_verification-rs c7e478c2-89b3-46eb-ac19-571e66c3830d Sign a message and verify the signature using the third party crate ring.
tls_client-rs ec55bfe2-d9c7-11eb-8b0e-f3f8fad927f7 Do TLS connection from Trusted Application.
tls_server-rs 69547de6-f47e-11eb-994e-f34e88d5c2b4 Set up the TLS server in Trusted Application.
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