Teaclave Meetup #7

August 26, 2021 · Mingshen Sun

In Aug 26, we gathered on Zoom for the 7th Teaclave meetup. In this meetup, Mingshen briefly introduce recent updates in Teaclave, and also introduce new members attending the meetup.

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Here is the minutes for Teaclave Meetup #7 on Aug 26, 2021.

# Attendees

  • Mingshen Sun
  • Ran Duan
  • Tianyi Li
  • Ruide Zhang
  • Yanhua Luo
  • Hongbo Chen
  • Weijie Liu
  • Tongxin Li
  • Wenhao Wang
  • Chan Zhao

# Agenda

  • Recent updates in Teaclave - Mingshen Sun
  • Free discussion

# Notes

# Recent updates in Teaclave - Mingshen

Teaclave Faas Platform

Teaclave TrustZone SDK

  • TEE Socket APIs and examples
  • Upgrade building docker to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Switch to GitHub Actions
  • Add -rs to examples and update test scripts (#34)
  • Update to OP-TEE 3.14.0 (#35)

Teaclave SGX SDK

  • Intel SGX SDK 2.14


External Collaboration

  • Teaclave/Intel: Integrating Graphene as a new Library OS executor
  • Teaclave/OP-TEE: Integrating examples in Rust TrustZone SDK in OP-TEE

# Free Discussion


  • New members: Tianyi Li from Ant Group, Wenhao Wang from CAS

About Occlum NGO

# Group Photos

Teaclave Meetup #7